A guy I used to know

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When I first met Gary Steyn, it seemed as though we were the answer to each others prayers. Dream Builders SA needed a designer and I needed a change. Gary was in charge of the media side of Dream Builders International, and he interviewed me. I remember nervously sitting at the coffee shop outside their office block, but then, there was such a positive buzz in the air that I felt I'd be lucky to work there. I had just driven home after the interview with Gary, when I received a message that he was trying to contact me to say they'd seen enough of other portfolios and wanted to hire me. The environment at DBI was vital to my being! Working at DBI, I found much joy alongside some of the most kind and memorable people such as Patrick Coetzee (founder), Gary Steyn, Martin Chappen, Amanda Engelbrecht, and Mandy and Yoli from Zakiya Communications. With DBI and Zakiya Communications I designed Unilevers inhouse magazine: Mojo, as well as IdenitiKids Packaging, and various other projects including for Pick N Pay (PnP), Spar and Three Cities Hotels. One day, during a quiet time I decided to illustrate this picture of Gary from a photograph. Not long after I joined DBI, Gary left. For the first time I was on my own without a director. Prior to DBI, I had spent many years at Periscope Advertising and Design under Brett Simons (director). In both these jobs I was pretty much a solo designer overseeing design from start to finish. I suppose this has always been a major side to my identity and the reason I've continued to be a Solopreneur, after my years in London.

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