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Like any design project, web design also has it’s process, but unlike print design it entails a few extra steps which are necessary as websites are dynamic and interactive. A good website must consider the user journey, load time and speed, it’s users and your goals. It is therefore imperitave that website goals are concise and clear and well thought of before the user journey is mapped. Design of the site takes place thereafter and once that is approved, site building can take place. A website that is built to first phase can be published to a staging site, where further deployment and bug fixing take place before the site goes live.




  • Brochure: e.g. Information about an organization / business / product dominates the site.
  • eCommerce e.g. Products with functionality for online sales, with a payment gateway and delivery system in place.
  • Portal:These aim to assist users toward directory listing type websites, if done properly can be a huge search time saver.
  • Wiki: Indexed knowledgbased websites, meant to be informative and educational.
  • Social media: Such sites provide Entertainment, business networking, connecting with likeminded people, and so on.
WOW! Media


The Site Flow


Web Design is a multi-step process. Many actions take place behind the scenes to produce a website. This diagram captures the basic flow of web development.