Understand What is a Brand

If you’re trying to understand what is a brand, I hope this simplified explanation can help. I often find there is confusion with a logo or corporate identity and a brand. That’s okay because in brandings’ infancy even designers weren’t so sure until they began to understand more about businesses. Indeed, learning never stops! From my own learning, I understand branding like this…

A brand captures the essence of a business. You can think of a business as a person and the persons’ nature as their brand. Let’s further explain to understand what is a brand.

The nature of a person is expressed through personality which cannot be seen directly but is understood through actions (representations) conducted by certain body parts. Likewise, in design, to understand what is a brand, the following

  • logo
  • stationery
  • fonts
  • colours
  • tone of communication, and so on,

are used to communicate to people the nature of the brand. Your brand must have some kind of personality that is expressed through the above mediums. But how do you find out what your brand personality is? Let’s begin by asking this simple question:

If my brand were a person, what would it be like? This will also take you closer to the essential nature of your business. But there are many more questions we can ask when trying to understand what is a brand or specifically, what is your brand.

For this reason, Graphic Designers will provide a design brief, before they begin to design. They need to understand what your business is all about first. Whatever information you provide your designer should be well explained by you.

You can read this short article entitled Design Processes, to understand how a Graphic Designer works.

When you understand what is a brand, and have successfully created one, you might then be able to get a brand ambassador to help you to promote sales!