Contractual Agreements

Email or other text-based communications are valid for proof of any agreements or decisions influencing the outcomes of a project.


Kindly note the workflow that WOW!Media adopts to conduct its services.

Discussions are held that allow for a formulation of direction called a brief, which is then captured on white paper or email and used as the medium of a guide. Based on the brief, actions are defined and quoted on. Discussions at this point are welcome.

A 50 % deposit confirms the contract between WOW! Media and the client. WOW!Media then begins the Design Processes based on the agreement .

Design Options are viewed and discussed and a choice of one to go forward with must be agreed on. Discussions are welcome to finalize the option and produce the Blue Print. Charges apply for changes to any finished art work.

Once a final design is established this must be checked and signed off with remainder of the payment. If it is a website project, the fees can apply by development stages to assist budget constrained clientele.

Websites are published and tested, bug fixed and tested on various browsers, before final deployment. All steps of the development process are listed and checked off as per the Design or Development brief.

Content: WOW! Media does not write content, but guides you toward achieving SEO friendly content. Copywriters and Editors can be employed to take the burden off you. Each have their own fees and criteria. Content must be supplied BEFORE the design phase begins.

WOW! Media offers an honest and straightforward service based on the requirements of each client. WOW! Media is not responsible for errors after publishing your content. Digital works published to a website or website text can be edited post-publishing. Fees will apply if WOW! Media handles this. However, WOW! Media does equip you to handle your Content Management System in a personal training session after your website is published and paid for in full.

If you have any issues, questions or concerns, contact WOW! Media directly.WOW! is the studio of Jessica Leonard, a South African Solopreneur.