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  • Asante Shipping

    Keywords: Bold, Communicative, Abstract

    A catchy logo design for our client as per his requests for something that matched his own zest. Communication is at the core of what the client does; and we have integrated communication into a somewhat abstract logo that uses the business initials.

    Delivery: CORPORATE IDENTITY: Logo Design, Business Card, Compliment Slip and Letterhead

  • Bhakti Caitanya Swami

    Keywords: Soothing, Functional, Practical

    A customized personal blog website for a Guru (Spiritual Teacher), Bhakti Caitanya Swami, from New Zealand. The website functionality allows for users of the website to ask questions via the Questions form. Their submission creates an unpublished post. Once the Guru has answered the question, it can then be published as a post to his website. The website is managed by the Gurus admin team.

    Delivery: Slideshow, Google Calendar, Questions and Answers handled by form, Media Templates for Audio Lectures, Gallery of images, and writings.

  • Crystal Serenity Website

    Keywords: Spa, Healing, Beauty, Corporate, Spirituality

    A start up business required an identity, stationery and a website. I provided 3 sets of unique identities. The client chose her favorite, and I proceeded to create business card designs and a content management blog site with unique template pages. Below is an example of the proposed website layout. Since the creation of the website, the client, who was still deciding on her services, found her strengths in other skills and has developed her new business accordingly. I was not able to assist her with her new business, but you can now find her as the Lotus Coach, making positive waves in the lives of entrepreneurs.

    Delivery: Logo, Blog Website, Business Card Designs

  • Designer Shoe Outlet

    Keywords: Sexy, Optimistic, Daring, Bold

    Designer Shoe Outlet started in the early 2000's in KwaZulu Natal. The client required a logo that would be as attractive and exciting as the Brazilian shoes he sold. He opened a chain of stores across some major malls in the country (The Pavilion, The Gateway, and the Pietermaritzburg Mall). These were very exciting times for me as a young designer! DSO was my first complete branding project! I saw my logo design become a beautiful lightbox signage in these malls, and the same logo printed on high quality pure white plastic shopping bags! The client also frequently required adverts in leading women's magazines like The Cosmopolitan, and later in Newspapers like the Isolezwe.   COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE ADVERT:

    Delivery: Branded Corporate Identity: Logo, Packaging, Point Of Sale, Newspaper and Magazine Adverts

  • Dr. Sweta Chakraborty

    Keywords: Personal, Student website

    When a student at Kings College London, Dr. Sweta Chakraborty, required a website to document her work and progress in her field. As I was developing my skills in web development in 2008 I eagerly and excitedly undertook the project. Today, Dr. Sweta Chakraborty is a risk and behavioral scientist, as well as a popular media personality in the United States of America.

    Delivery: Wordpress Website

  • Early Design at Periscope Advertising & Design

    Keywords: Catchy BTL Design, Freehand and Photoshop

    Various projects

    Delivery: Packaging Labels and Design, Flyers

  • Eat 2 Transform Magazine

    Keywords: Fresh, Spiritual, Uplifting

    The client had an idea to create a kinder living lifestyle magazine and approached me for design. The magazine was to also accommodate advertising space with some adverts requiring design. Where there would usually be a team assigned to create magazines, and another to supply advert layouts, I had experience from working solo on the Unilever South Africa Mojo Magazine. Back then I had used Macromedia Freehand to design layouts. Fortunately by the time of this magazine I was fluent in Adobe Indesign, which allowed me better control over page layouts.

    Delivery: Magazine Design and Layout

  • Ehouse

    Keywords: Bespoke Property Brochures

    Various in-house branding for eHouse, including property brochures.

    Delivery: Custom Brochures, Image editing, Web Development

  • Ekadasi Recipe Book

    Keywords: Fresh, Tasty, Delectable, Clean, Healthy, Plant-based, Grain-free, Wheat-free, Gluten-free

    A recipe book for a market that either cannot eat grains due to certain illness, or for those who abstain from grains from time to time for religious reasons. My work included photography, iconography, design and layout. The book was co-authored with Devahuti Devi Dasi.

    Delivery: Food Styling, Photography, Iconography, Layout

  • Fifteen Magazine

    Keywords: Vibrant, Fresh, Youthful, Zestful, Lively

    Fifteen Magazine was a concept originated by Gary Steyn (DBI -Dream Builders International), right before Seventeen Magazine was launched in South Africa around 2005. These were illustrations that would capture the fun and vibrance of being fifteen in South Africa.

    Delivery: Illustrations, Rate Card

  • Flying Services

    Keywords: Tidy

    A logo update for Flying Services Laundry, when creating an advert for the Eat2Transform magazine.

    Delivery: Advert for Magazine

  • GAIA Cop 17

    Keywords: -

    The Global Anti Incineration Alliance based in America, required the design and layout of their Environmental Case Studies, which I promptly produced for the Cop 17 held in Durban, November 2011. The design and layout of the 4 case studies, demonstrate uniformity even while the content varies.

    Delivery: Print and PDF Brochures

  • Gary Steyn

    Keywords: Inspirational

    When I first met Gary Steyn, it seemed as though we were the answer to each others prayers. Dream Builders SA needed a designer and I needed a change. Gary was in charge of the media side of Dream Builders International, and he interviewed me. I remember nervously sitting at the coffee shop outside their office block, but then, there was such a positive buzz in the air that I felt I'd be lucky to work there. I had just driven home after the interview with Gary, when I received a message that he was trying to contact me to say they'd seen enough of other portfolios and wanted to hire me. The environment at DBI was vital to my being! Working at DBI, I found much joy alongside some of the most kind and memorable people such as Patrick Coetzee (founder), Gary Steyn, Martin Chappen, Amanda Engelbrecht, and Mandy and Yoli from Zakiya Communications. With DBI and Zakiya Communications I designed Unilevers inhouse magazine: Mojo, as well as IdenitiKids Packaging, and various other projects including for Pick N Pay (PnP), Spar and Three Cities Hotels. One day, during a quiet time I decided to illustrate this picture of Gary from a photograph. Not long after I joined DBI, Gary left. For the first time I was on my own without a director. Prior to DBI, I had spent many years at Periscope Advertising and Design under Brett Simons (director). In both these jobs I was pretty much a solo designer overseeing design from start to finish. I suppose this has always been a major side to my identity and the reason I've continued to be a Solopreneur, after my years in London.

    Delivery: Brochures, Posters, Magazines, Inspirational Material, Various Design

  • Guns & Rain

    Keywords: Follow supplied media

    Guns & Rain required an invitation to an exhibit. They required an interactive PDF invitation and a web version for email and mobile use.

    Delivery: Interactive PDF Invitation

  • I.A.T.C. International Africa Trade Center

    Keywords: Corporate

    The client required template assistance and a new logo fashioned from a pre-existing one. This is an example of a Content Management site that the client will manage on his own.

    Delivery: Responsive Website, Logo

  • Illustration

    Keywords: Gouache, Digital Artwork, Mixed Media

    Samples of illustration.

    Delivery: e-Cards, Artwork

  • ISKCON Services

    Keywords: International Society for Krsna Consciousness, Attractive, Spiritual, Exciting

    Some Services for ISKCON since 2006. Conceptualized and created the Ekadasi Recipe book, Designed the 2013 Calendar and Ongoing Newsletters for ISKCON Lenasia, Gauteng. Prior to that services for ISKCON Soho, London included illustration, Posters, and design contributions toward the ISKCON Soho logo.

    Delivery: Posters, Illustrations, Calendar Design, Various Artwork

  • Ki Of Life


    The client required an identity for her private practice, along with a website and artwork for some of her publications. I created the logo based on 3 key elements desired to be reflected within the logo: Lotus Flower, Ankh and Triquetra, all synonymous with her line of work that involves energy and healing. The logo created is a Key, which is a play on Ki which means energy. What was done: Artworking, Logo Design, Business Card, Vouchers, CD Covers and Content Management Website.


  • Kingfisher

    Keywords: Poly Art

    Delivery: Digital Experiments for Poly Art

  • Kloud Nine

    Keywords: Decadent, Heavenly

    Start Up clients required branding, a website and a brochure with photography for their confectionery business. This was a mouth watering project and I enjoyed indulging in the most decadent cupcakes afterwards! The website was designed with Parallax scrolling.

    Delivery: Branding, Logo, Business Cards, Food Styling & Photography, Brochure design, Responsive Website

  • Prof. Llewellyn Leonard

    Keywords: Academic | Environmental | Social Justice

    Various designs for Professor Llewellyn Leonard have been done over the years. From custom drawn maps, to his Health Care Waste Manual and his website from past to present.

    Delivery: Maps, Brochures, Website

  • Sacred Earth Adverts

    Keywords: Sacred, High Vibration, Attractive

    Handmade Jewellery made from the Sacred Basil (Tulsi) Wood: I covered the following: Logo design, Styling and Photography, Website (Responsive), and web advertisements.

    Delivery: Corporate Identity, Logo, Website, Photography, Adverts

  • Shiva

    Keywords: Spiritual / Religious

    Pencil Drawing, Gouache Painting, Digital Enhancements, Typography

    Delivery: E-Card

  • Travesty of Civility

    Keywords: Pencil Sketch to Adobe PhotoShop

    Sample artwork: Hand drawn sketch, to Adobe Photoshop finish.

    Delivery: Social Media

  • U J Climate Justice

    Keywords: Social Change, Climate Justice

    In 2011, Prof. Llewellyn Leonard while at SARCHI (South African Research Chair in Social Change) at the University of Johnannesburg, piloted a UJ Climate Justice Day Campaign throughout the university, to increase awareness of the need for climate justice and to make the University of Johannesburg the first green University in South Africa. It was a somewhat activisty day, with video screenings, protest marches and speeches that were featured on the leaflet.

    Delivery: Design and layout of leaflet and banner.

  • UJ Posters

    Keywords: Conceptual Posters

    Design of various A1 size posters to capture chosen study concepts of post graduate students.

    Delivery: A1 Poster Designs

  • Zaryan

    Keywords: Catchy, Attention grabbing

    Zaryan, Eastern Custom Designer Wear produced an exquisite line of garments embroidered with Swarovski Crystals. Requirements: Logo, Website and adverts for various media including Asian Bride Magazine United Kingdom.

    Delivery: A4 DPS Magazine Advert (Asian Bride United Kingdom), Logo Design, Illustration, WordPress Website