A Cupcake Business

Kloud Nine was a start up idea that catered for a niche market segment. The client wanted to name his business Cloud Nine, which really would have been apt. However, that name belonged to a well known mattress company in South Africa. By the time the client was ready to go into design phase with his business idea, he had already settled on the name Kloud Nine.

The cupcakes were decadently divine for sure, and would surely send a person to Cloud Nine. With his heart set on Kloud Nine, as his new business name, the client proceeded to request, a logo, photography, brochure design and a custom designed website.

While the product and the designs were fantastic, there were a number of elements that did not line up which is why this Start Up makes an excellent example of Start Up Fail.

What went wrong and what valuable insights can you as a Start Up learn from this? Find out in this case study coming soon.

Kloud Nine Corporate Identity

Carob Cupcake

Ginger Cupcake

Blue Berry Cupcake
Start Up Business Kloud Nine

Tiramisu Cupcake
Start Up Business Kloud Nine