Designer Shoe Outlet

Designer Shoe Outlet was one of my earliest branding projects. From logo design to point of sale, to magazine adverts that went into Cosmopolitan and other well known fem magazines. The logo was created as light box signage adorning DSO shop entrances inside KwaZulu-Natals major malls like the Pavilion, Gateway and so on.

Pure white plastic bags with the logo, and gleeful customers walking out with their bags concealing their purchases… DSO really was for women mad about shoes, and not just any shoes… Brazilian Shoes, in sexy styles and summer colours… it was truly obsessive. DSO was a sister brand of the once well known Grand Shoe, which almost any Durbanite familiar with that era is very likely to recall. The success of DSO was driven by branding, and marketing, in a manner that was unique to shoe stores over 18 years ago… yesss I’ve been in this field a long time!

Designer Show Outlet by WOW! Media Jessica Leonard