About Jess

Sometimes I can’t believe it when I say I’ve been doing design for close to 20 years! In the early 2000’s I qualified as a Graphic Designer. I worked for various companies along the way, and learned how diverse and different each can be. From South Africa to the United Kingdom, I gained valuable experience that I knew would help Start Ups in South Africa.

When I returned to South Africa I began my own design studio. I first named it WOW! Websites, because my focus was inclined toward designing and building websites, but I also continued to do design for business cards, logos, brochures, photography, and the like. This is how WOW! Media was born.

Based in Johanesburg, South Africa, WOW! Media had one ambition: To produce WOW! Factor designs. But WOW also became an acronym for myself, a woman, doing web design, in a, back then, male dominated sector.

Throwing some kids into the mix, I would work around them, around the clock, and also crave to do home-maker projects once in a while. I recently started my Instagram account to publish some of these projects. But amidst these activities, was the birth and development of various self-initiated projects geared toward positive change.

For more about me, follow my Instagram @woman_on_the_web or Facebook