POP/IMAP Email Set Up for Outlook 2011

Outlook 2011 Connecting to POP/IMAP
Setup Email on Outlook 2011

Create a New Account

1. Open the Tools menu.

2. Click Accounts.


3. Choose E-mail Account.


4. Enter your email address.

5. Enter the password for your email account.

6. Verify that the checkbox “Configure automatically” is unchecked.

Account Settings


1. Enter your full email address for your User name.

2. Your Incoming Mail Server is typically your domain name preceded by either “pop” or “imap”, depending on which protocol you have chosen to use.

3. Your Outgoing Mail Server is your domain name preceded by “smtp”.

4. If you are using POP3 with SSL, please enter 995 for your port. Otherwise leave the port at 110.

5. If you are using IMAP with SSL, please enter 993 for your port. Otherwise leave the port at 143.

6. If you are using SMTP with SSL, please enter 465 for your port. Otherwise change the port to 587.

Note:To change the default ports, check the box “Override default port” and enter the port number you wish to use.

7. Click Add Account.

How to Enable SMTP Authentication
Once the account has been created, you will need to enable SMTP Authentication.

1. Open the Tools menu.

2. Click Accounts.

3. Choose your E-mail account.


4. Click More Options…


5. From the Authentication drop-down menu, choose “Use Incoming Server Info”.

6. Click OK.

You should now be able to send and receive email. PLEASE NOTE: You need to adjust your Outlook Settings to delete emails from the server. You can set it to delete after 14 days, etc, but you do need to delete emails at some point because the server mailbox get’s too full and cannot handle email delivery after 10 000 emails or 250mb.

Open Outlook > Click on File > Account settings > Select the Email account > Click on Change > More Settings > Advanced > Delivery > Choose the appropriate options to delete or not store emails on the server. Test your email.


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