A Brand, what it is and where to get one

What is it that sets you or your business apart from other similar service providers? Your Brand.

Your brand is a promise to consumers of your commitment, quality and service delivery. It’s about how you conduct your business and communicate to customers; it’s about the services / products you offer and in what manner you provide them. Your brand helps shape your identity as a professional service provider. Brands are built over time, and many begin with just a logo, and corporate stationery.

Put your brand into perspective by creating a Logo, a Slogan / Mission Statement, T-Shirts, Corporate Stationery, a Website, Social Media Page, Branded Email Headers or Footers that your customers can either relate to, or identify you by. These are facets that define your services, and work optimally if your services are backed by uniqueness, style, professionalism, high standards, high values and ethics. Color plays an important visual role in branding, and choosing the right color scheme is just as important as the way you speak to customers.

Today you can get a logo from as little as $50, but always remember, you get what you pay for.
Get your brand designed professionally if you want a unique authentic and outstanding forefront that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Finding a good Graphic Designer is useful, and knowing how to identify a good graphic designer will guide you toward finding the right person who will provide you with workable concepts in accordance to design standards.

When you pay for a professional logo, you’re not paying for some pretty graphics and typography to be slapped together, you’re paying for a designers thoughtfulness, knowledge and insightfulness to create a foundation for a real brand – a concept, something meaningful and therefore extremely valuable, as it functions to define what your services, products and values are. A serious start up business / individual should always consider a business identity over a long term period. Having the right logo may be quick to produce, but establishing it, may take time. Once you have established your identity, which could take several months to years, changing it drastically is less likely to sit well with customers who have adapted to that image and what it portrays. Therefore, having the right foundation to build on is key to a successful brand. An additional consideration for the creation of logos and branding today, are device screen requirements and social media platforms. Find a designer who works with both sides: Print and web, who will be knowledgeable in creating a single adaptable solution and supply you with Brand Guidelines.

Once you have established your brand, you need to build it by maintaining it’s unique aspects. Go ahead and apply it to your promos and advertising. The more unique your brand is, the more likely it is to stand out from the crowd, and become memorable, setting you apart from similar service providers. Just be different!

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