How do you work?

I first take the time to understand your requests, discuss the objectives with you, then plot some ideas. You get to see the best options and we escalate the design process further until we have a refined final.

Is it possible to get a fantastic high quality job at an affordable price?

There have been many ocassions where budgets had been tight, but I do not compromise my work ethic even then. While my hourly rate stands at a very competitive range, my quality of work is guaranteed to be on a more exclusive and dedicated level.

How long will my project take to design?

Project Design time varies according to various aspects. Such being decisiveness, preparation, clarity, requirements, budget and even time constraints itself. Knowing what you want or knowing your end goal, will surely add up to a more efficient work method and benefit you to achieve more precise results. The size of the project can also affect duration. Some projects can be done from an hour (general print) to weeks / months (magazines / Websites).

I have signed up as a client and paid you a deposit, but have not heard from you since. What should I do?

I aim to respond within 24 – 48 hours, but if time has lapsed beyond that, it would be unusual, so do send an email with proof of payment, to say whats up!

I purchased my own domain and hosting, are you fine to design my website and publish it?

Yes. Do make certain to supply your hosting details, cpanel and ftp. I do offer to host small sites for individuals who are starting out, and on these plans I manage the CMS and plugin updates for a small monthly fee. For bigger sites and out-house hosting we can surely discuss a suitable monthly fee.

If I commission you to design for me, who owns the copyrights?

Naturally you would own the copyright of any artwork you commission and pay for, however, you do not recieve copyrights on certain aspects of websites for various vaild reasons. You also do not recieve original artwork for free items. In cases where you seek my advice, unpaid, I would own the intellectual property for that idea / concept. If you are unfamiliar with copyright law and intellectual property, contact a lawyer.

I wish to obtain original files from you. What software do you use?

Kindly note that original Working files are obtainable on non-discounted projects. I use industry standard design software: Adobe Creative Suite. This software is likely to not be compatible with, or accessible by, software outside the Adobe Creative Suite. I do not use Microsoft Word for design as MS Word is not a design standard software. I provide you with pdf outputs, which are universal and if you require to make edits after the project is complete, only few and minor edits will be free, but output fees may be incurred. If you are on a tight budget, and have the time available you can look into purchasing software and learn how to use it. In this way you will be sure to save on the costs of original files and templates by creating your own.

I wish to have a website custom made by you, how can I send content?

Once you sign up as a client you will be able to upload information and content for your website through the Content Upload Form. Planning your site content in advance will help to avoid confusion, time-wasting, and additional costs. Your content is vital to the design process, which in various ways is influenced by the content quantity and quality.

How do you accept payment?

I request an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) of at least 50% before a project commences and the balance paid up before any soft copies are released or work published to the web. I do not request any other methods of payments nor do I request any sensitive banking information from you at any time.