The purpose of WOW! Media Bundles is to equip the entrepreneur with the benefits of a quality identity, in order to distinguish themselves within their chosen sector. The website packages which are custom made and responsive, for varying screen size view-ports, also include an optional free Logo and free Business Card Design. These bundles are priced to be easy on the pocket of the first-time entrepreneur, with project completion meant to be in a time frame of 2 to 3 weeks. This means that the entrepreneur must be prepared and knowledgeable on the subject of his/her business enough to provide the content and assets required for the efficient development of the website, with understanding that the website as a start up (no other website developed before) is meant to be developed further along as his/her business grows and evolves. A content upload form exists on the WOW! Media website and is meant to be used for improved site planning and design as well as efficiency. The content supplied should be original copy or property of the entrepreneur.

A set up of 5 basic pages by WOW! Media with relevant content, optional slideshow of 5 images set up, and optional contact form are part of the website brochure site package. By default and as per the Content Management Framework used (WordPress), support for blogging is available. These sections can be further customized at a fee when the entrepreneurs budget permits.

The CMS allows the entrepreneur to freely add, edit, or delete more content or he/she can request WOW! Media to do so at a small fee. Other elements can be added further along that may or may not incur fees. These are ofcourse relevant to the nature and needs of the business.

WOW! Media also offers an optional hosting plan that is internationally based. The hosting plan is optimized for WordPress Security and has a host of other benefits with green technology and high speed loading included.

Only domain names are included for free in this hosting plan for one year.

The conditions of copyrights for freebie Print items
The Blue Print Files for free logo and business card, or any other design related file that is associated at no cost within the package are the original concept and intellectual property of WOW! Media and are therefore not supplied freely with the Package. Instead the outputs, such as Jpegs, Tiffs, Pngs and Pdfs are supplied free for reproduction. If Blue Print files on free printable items are requested for release, an option is provided to purchase these. Prices vary according to the hours spent conceptualizing, creating and editing for final output.

The conditions of copyrights for commissioned Print items
Blue Print files on commissioned printable items are the property of the client as needs have been requested and design supplied accordingly. The client takes full ownership of such files once payments are settled.

The conditions of copyrights for websites
You will own the copyright for the website’s original content and design assets if they are created by you. WOW! Media retain copyright for the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code we create and assign a license for you to use the code on your website forever. Third party code which may be integrated into your website under the GPL license remain the property of their author. Web designers retain this right as we use similar coding techniques on many websites and need to be able to reuse portions of code in order to keep everyone’s costs down. You are paying for our expertise, which includes code that have developed for this project, as well as that which may have evolved over the course of working on previous projects. Should you ever want to make changes to your website, you retain the right to use the source code as you wish, but to retain our name on relevant files as well as the name of third party authors. Any other supplied assets or software, such as royalty-free images or a licensed CMS, will retain the copyright/license as defined by their supplier. If any, you will receive template files related to your final theme design for the purpose of managing your content.