A Brand, what it is and where to get one

What is it that sets you or your business apart from other similar service providers? Your Brand. WHAT IS A BRAND Your brand is a promise to consumers of your commitment, quality and service delivery. It’s about how you conduct your business and communicate to customers; it’s about the services / products you offer and … Continue reading A Brand, what it is and where to get one

Content File Structure

A primary step in the web design process is planning your content. How will the web designer properly design a site for you without knowing details about your website content? Sussing out content for your website can indeed become confusing and overwhelming but the web designer cannot possibly provide you with content nor is it … Continue reading Content File Structure

iPad POP mail Configuration

To set up an email account on your iPad (instructions are based on iOS5, other operating system versions may vary): 1. From the home screen, tap Settings 2. Select Mail => Contacts => Calendars 3. Select Add Account… 4. Select Other 5. From Mail, select Add Mail Account 6. Enter the mail account information: Name: … Continue reading iPad POP mail Configuration

POP/IMAP Email Set Up for Outlook 2011

Outlook 2011 Connecting to POP/IMAP Setup Email on Outlook 2011 Create a New Account 1. Open the Tools menu. 2. Click Accounts. 3. Choose E-mail Account. 4. Enter your email address. 5. Enter the password for your email account. 6. Verify that the checkbox “Configure automatically” is unchecked. Account Settings 1. Enter your full email … Continue reading POP/IMAP Email Set Up for Outlook 2011

POP / IMAP Email Set Up for Outlook 2010

Open Outlook 1. Select Tools > E-mail Accounts…
 3. Select Add a new email account, then click Next 4. Select POP3, then click Next 5. Fill out the input fields as shown: ◦ Your name: the name that you wish to appear on your emails in the “From” field ◦ Email Address: the email address … Continue reading POP / IMAP Email Set Up for Outlook 2010

A Start Up Checklist

Once you have Registered or Copyrighted your business, business name, trade name or invention, as well as decided on Business Plan Business Structure Financing Insurance Location etc, it is time to give it an identity… Secure your website domain name The domain name can be your business name, product name or your name or personal … Continue reading A Start Up Checklist

Components of a Website

Today, it’s practically a must-have for websites to be content managed, responsive, and well presented with the help of well written stylesheets that have revolutionized the user interface of web pages. Websites today are a far throw from the websites of the past. I’ve been designing for the web since the days of static, non … Continue reading Components of a Website