A Start Up Checklist

Once you have

  • Registered or Copyrighted your business, business name, trade name or invention, as well as decided on
  • Business Plan
  • Business Structure
  • Financing
  • Insurance
  • Location

etc, it is time to give it an


Secure your website domain name
The domain name can be your business name, product name or your name or personal brand name. You can get a CO.ZA domain name free on certain hosting plans. Please note that in some plans this only applies to the fist year. Renewals are usually annual.

Design a Logo:
Call up your designer and get cracking on giving your business a real identity.

Design and Print Stationery:
You still need business cards, for those times when you meet potential customers in person and you want them to remember you. Having your contact details available on a card makes a professional statement about you, and shows your sincerity toward what you do. It also eliminates the possibility of errors in verbal communications of your details. A professional business card should have your full name, telephone numbers, email address, website address and company logo, at the minimum.

Headers and Footers:
To upkeep your professionalism, make sure you have a header or footer with your company logo and details on your letters, invoices, thank you slips, statements, etc. Don’t forget to add them to your social media pages: Linked In, Facebook, Google, etc.

In those times when you are unable to:
• represent your business,
• verbally repeat what you do and why you do it,
• correctly name each service or product you offer,
• or if you just can’t afford the costs of print and distribution for monthly brochures, leaflets or newspapers, you need a website.

Websites can take some burden off you by handling transactions. Helping you sell your products or services in a clear and direct way.
Websites are a fantastic tool to portray your image professionally and even creatively, presenting you, your product or services to your target audience.
Before getting your website there are requirements such as having a domain name and hosting. Contact me if you wish to receive some guidance on this.
After getting your website there are other factors to consider, such as google analytics, search engine optimization, web advertising.

Snazzy packaging for your products will surely give your products excitement and an edge over others. Get your designer working up cool designs and give your products a chance to compete!

Leaflets, Posters, Banners, Flags, Social Networks:
You may need these if you are seriously trying to advertise your products or services to wider audiences. Your designer can give you thoughtful solutions which you can print in any quantity you like and anywhere you like. If you want topnotch print then head over to the printers that specialize in lithography and digital print. Social Networking sites let you advertise your products or services, and are indeed cheaper alternatives to print media, but by no means a complete solution to advertising requirements. Find a Social Media / Online Marketer to assist you with online marketing.

Further Advertising:
If you got the dream budget then you may consider the avenues of radio, television, digital banners, and widespread internet marketing to advertise. These are surely tried and tested methods of gaining exposure for your products or services.

Good Manners, and Promos:
Sometimes you may want to have your own way of saying thank you to customers with thank you cards, vouchers, customized T-shirts, mugs, and other items that can be used both to say Thank You or as promotional material. This is great business manners, and do be practical and thoughtful, and think of the environment too.

Other things you may be doing:
Starting a Magazine
Writing a book

Contact me to assist you with any of the above. I quote either per project or on an hourly rate.


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